September Meeting Minutes

When and where will this group of drinkers with a brewing problem hold their next monthly meeting?
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September Meeting Minutes

Post by Kevin » Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:44 am

Would again like to thank Brian Avery for hosting the meeting at Bravery.

Gunny Barrel Fill
Brian is going to order new barrels in the next couple days. In the meantime, drop off your kegs at Bravery within the next 3 weeks. Brian will rack those into 1/2 BBL kegs and store the beer until the barrel comes in. Put your contact information on your keg so he can contact you to pick it up after it has been racked. As soon as Brian knows what the date for the barrel fill will be we will pass that along and all are welcome to attend that magical event. I believe we will have plenty of beer to fill the barrel, but Brian has fresh Gunny to top it off if need be. Brian thinks due to the lower ABV and higher hop character the beer will only spend about 4-6 months in the barrel.

As most of you know, in place of an October meeting every year we have an OctBEAVRFest celebration towards the end of Sep/early Oct. Matt has graciously agreed to host at his house again. The date is set for Sat Oct 13, time is tentatively 3pm. This is a family-friendly event, so wives, kids, etc. are welcome. No dogs, Matt's dog doesn't want the competition. We'll have a jockey box and room for I believe 5 or 6 kegs. German styles only. Commercial bottles/cans are welcome. Everyone should bring a German food as well. More details soon and we'll post a thread leading up to it for people to post what food/beer they're bringing.

Intra-BEAVR Competition at Transplants
In November Transplants is hosting a BEAVR-only competition. Style is adjunct stout. Any ABV, the only requirements are that it be a stout with some kind of adjunct added (it is Transplants after all). I don't know for sure, but I'd imagine no sours/bugs. More details to come.

CHA Mandatory Fest Meeting
The California Homebrewer's Association has a mandatory meeting coming up on Sat Oct 6 at noon at Park Pizza in Anaheim. Every club must send a representative or we lose out in the campsite lottery for next year's Fest. If anyone wants to volunteer to go, you'll get some free beer and pizza and listen to people complain about ice and old people explain why they can't possibly do this over Skype. Take one for the team!

Once again, if you already haven't, please see my post in this thread about setting up notifications so you know when things are posted on the board. We want to make sure everyone is on the same page with what is happening and when. Again, if you don't see the "Member Information" and BEAVR Announcements" forums in the main list, please PM me and I'll get that fixed.

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