2018 Big Brew Day at The Bearded Brewer

What venue will we be spreading the word of BEAVR next?
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2018 Big Brew Day at The Bearded Brewer

Post by PatRay » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:25 pm


We will be observing in spirit the AHA "Big Brew Day" on Saturday, May 12th at The Bearded Brewer. Show up shortly after 10 am. The plan is do a brew in the bag (BIAB) batch of "The Gunny". Brian at Bravery added an extra bourbon barrel to his latest order and we discussed filling this up with our home brew versions of "The Gunny". More info on the recipe and date to have your brew ready later. We plan on putting flyers out at the local breweries to make folks aware that we have the best home brew store in the Antelope Valley just "down the street". More to come, but mark it on your calendars to stop by and bring a friend and pick up ingredients to brew. You'll have a short time to get it ready for the Antelope Valley Homebrew Competition. More on the competition at:


Free hot dogs and water on May 12th.

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