Fest Update

What venue will we be spreading the word of BEAVR next?
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Fest Update

Post by Mashtun4979 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:06 pm


BLUF: Fest will be awesome, and here are some of the boring regulatory updates. There are more expected this weekend.

1) ABC Mandatory Refresher Meeting: 1 rep/club, 10 am Saturday May 5, Fest Area Big Tent. YOU MUST ATTEND.
2) Bragging Rights Only (BRO): Drop off Friday May 4, 4-7pm in the Fest Area (there will be signage). More info later this week (really nothing has changed other than we will not give any submitted bottles/growlers back).
3) There is no band on Friday, there will be a speaker system with recorded music. Falcons will play two earlier sets, with a second band closing Fest.
4) Pro Pour is: Brouwerij West, Transplants, Inland Wharf, Oceanside Brewing, and Cellardor Ales.

Remind your club members, Fest Reg closes May 1, 11:59pm. Two separate transactions on our site. NO registrations at the door, period!

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